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We invite you to contact us at or call the school, 979-485-1308, if you have questions about programming at CSCC, our classroom management and instruction, or staff. We look forward to hearing from you and serving your needs for quality child care and preschool learning experiences.
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State Guidelines

The CSCC staff studied and discussed the state guidelines for child care and Texas guidelines for instruction. We participate regularly in PD opportunities to ensure our routines and procedures are aligned with expectations by the Department of Protective Services, Department of Human Services, and the Texas Infant and Toddler Guidelines, Head Start Outcomes Frameworks, and the Texas PreK Guidelines.

There are multiple sets of state and federal guidelines (or standards) that govern educational practices for young children. Also, there are child-care licensing standards for preschools and daycare facilities provided by the Child-Care Licensing Division within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Links to the guidelines/standards are below.

The Big Sheets offer a simple way to review END-OF-YEAR guidelines, or state standards, for student achievement. All standards are included on 11 X 17 inch formats for easy review and study. The Big Sheets identify content and skills that students are supposed to know and be able to do at the END of each grade level.

CSCC Monthly Curriculum Overviews

Big Sheets for State Guidelines

Click on each title to expand and view all Big Sheets for each set of guidelines or standards.