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CSCC Preschool Curriculum

Ready To Advance Early Learning (RTA)

Listos Y Adelante PreK Programa de aprendizaje emergente

The preschool curriculum implemented at CSCC is named Ready to Advance (RTA). RTA is a comprehensive early learning program that includes instructional support and teacher resources that blend social-emotional and play-based experiences with academic learning in a collaborative classroom. The research-based curriculum integrates developmental and educational best practices that establish strong foundational skills for early learning and school readiness.

Authored by Vicki Gibson, Ph.D. 

Ready to Advance and Listos Y Adelante were authored by Vicki Gibson, Ph.D. and reviewed by national experts Dr. Karin Hess and Dr. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan. Dr. Gibson taught in public school for 10 years, was an Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M University, and owned and directed three preschools from 1984-2009. She began designing effective preschool curriculum while teaching kindergarten and serving as a learning disability specialist in Bryan Independent School District. More information about Dr. Gibson can be found here.


Ready to Advance and Listos Y Adelante
Meet State and National Requirements

  • 50 state preschool standards and guidelines for PreK
  • Texas Infant and Toddler Guidelines for 3 year old children (revised, 2014)
  • Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines (revised, 2015) and Proclamation 2021 Breakouts to Texas PreK Guidelines
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten (TEKS, revised 2017)
  • Head Start Outcomes Framework (revised 2015)
  • Texas Health and Human Services Child Care Regulation (Oct. 2021)
  • Position Statements by National Education for Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • Evidence from neuroscience and educational research that identifies best practices for developmentally appropriate social-emotional and educational learning experiences
  • RTA was approved by a state review committee and added to the Texas Education Agency’s List of Approved PreK Curricula for use with young children.

Ready To Advance Early Learning Components

Daily schedules that include Interactive and interesting whole- and small-group activities with a rest period after lunch
Instructional support for explicit instruction and feedback to enhance children’s understandings and develop emergent social, emotional and academic skills
Play-based activities in learning centers where children direct their own discoveries and participate with peers with less direct supervision by adults
Mathematics and science exploration to develop skills for analyzing, comparing, and problem solving
Active participation in class and outdoors to promote physical development and health

Ready To Advance Components
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