Questions You May Have

Giving You the Answers You Need

At TAMU CLC, we understand that you may have many questions about our preschool, afterschool program, childcare opportunities and our early childhood development model. The following provides answers to the most frequently asked questions we have heard from parents and guardians throughout College Station and Bryan about Collaborative Learning Center (CLC):
The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) will open in Early Spring 2020, and provide services for preschool children ages 2.6-6 years in Brazos County.
Our pre-school program and educational development opportunities are open to EVERYONE in the community. We welcome all children from the ages of 2.6 – 6 years to join our CSCC family.
Simply said, it is the best-in-class curriculum and nationally recognized on-site coaches and our inclusive parent program that makes CSCC uniquely prepared to offer high quality early learning for your child. For more detailed reasons, please visit CSCC Differences.
We welcome parents, guardians and caregivers to observe and visit our classrooms at any time All staff at CSCC will follow state restrictions for protecting children and your privacy and so while we have an open door policy for parents and guardians, our staff will ensure only approved individuals are allowed access to classrooms and children.

More questions?

We welcome any additional questions you may have. Please contact us directly at cscc@tamu.edu or call 979-347-2222 and we will address questions and concerns or provide guidance. Thank you for taking the time to ask questions and learn more about CSCC!